San Clemente Girls Softball

Team Parent Responsibilities

Your position is to be the liaison between the coach and the parents and between the league and the team.


  • Roster: Assist coach with first team meeting. Make sure every player gets a copy of the team roster and/or contact information. There is a sample attached on this same¬†volunteer link
  • Banners: Complete group order form for the team banner $100 or pennants $12 per player. You will receive a flyer or you can go on¬†(be sure to note that you are with SCGS so they get the orders placed together.)
  • Money: Collect money from parents for banner, end of season party and coach You will be in charge of purchasing the coaches gifts with money collected from the players.
  • Uniforms: If your team chooses to put nicknames on the jerseys we can get it done for you prior to delivery for $4 per player.
  • Visors: The girls will not be given a visor, they will need to use their old ones, or go to the on-line store and purchase a new one
  • FEMALE CHAPERONES: Female chaperones should be present at every practice and in or near dugout on game days. Spread this out amongst the moms, nobody expects you to be at every practice. Your attendance during some practices would be helpful; especially to get information from the coach such as change in practice times, game times, etc. Also, please remind the players of the NO jewelry policy.
  • Picture Day You will be responsible for passing out all picture day packets and re-collecting them prior to your photo shoot. You need to make sure all players arrive on time and in uniform, lined up shortest to tallest.
  • Team Snacks: Set up a snack schedule for the girls for after their games. List the families alphabetically per game day and ask them to arrange a trade if they cannot do that day. A drink, and some kind of snack is good. There are also snack tickets you can buy in the snackbar and then the girls can go up and get what they want.